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The NFL preseason begins with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, played at Fawcett Stadium in Canton. Currently, the thirteen opponents each team faces over the 16-game regular season schedule are set using a pre-determined formula. Following the conclusion of the regular season, a twelve-team single elimination tournament, the NFL Playoffs, is held.

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Get ready to show your team spirit with the NFL jerseys sale, where you can score big savings on a wide selection of jerseys. Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply love the sport, NFL jerseys are the ultimate way to support your favorite team and players. With unbeatable deals on custom and cheap jerseys, now is the perfect time to gear up for game day.

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The NFL, short for National Football League, has a rich history that spans decades of thrilling moments and passionate fan culture. As one of the most-watched sports leagues in the world, the NFL represents the pinnacle of American football. By wearing an NFL jersey, you not only showcase your loyalty but also become part of a vibrant community of fans.

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The NFL jerseys sale offers a range of options to suit every fan's preferences and budget. From official team jerseys to affordable alternatives, there's something for everyone. Authentic NFL jerseys are crafted with premium materials and feature meticulous attention to detail, ensuring an authentic and high-quality garment that stands the test of time.

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For those seeking affordable options, cheap NFL jerseys provide an excellent choice without compromising on style or team pride. These jerseys offer a budget-friendly alternative while still representing your favorite team with pride. With a wide variety of designs and sizes available, you can find the perfect cheap NFL jersey to support your team without breaking the bank.

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One of the standout features of the NFL jerseys sale is the opportunity to customize your jersey. Personalized NFL jerseys allow you to add your name and favorite player's number, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your unique fandom. By customizing your jersey, you can showcase your unwavering support for your team and create a lasting memento of your passion for the sport.

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It's important to note that NFL jerseys, regardless of price or customization, are officially licensed merchandise. This means you can trust the authenticity and quality of the product you're purchasing. When buying from reputable sources, you can be confident that you're getting genuine NFL jerseys that meet the league's high standards.

Score big savings on NFL jerseys: Unbeatable Deals for Custom and Cheap Jerseys. Show your team pride in style without breaking the bank. Whether you're cheering from the stadium or watching from home, wearing an NFL jersey is the ultimate way to support your team. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to gear up for game day and join the ranks of passionate NFL fans across the globe.

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Show Your Team Pride with Authentic NFL Jerseys at Unbeatable Prices

Steeped in tradition since its founding in 1920, the National Football League has cultivated passionate fandom through generations. While NFL team merchandise allows showing support in the stands, finding authentic jerseys at reasonable prices can be challenging. Thankfully, many retailers stock popular styles throughout the year at deeply discounted costs. Whether seeking the latest players, classic throwbacks or custom options, gear up for game days without breaking the bank.

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Gridiron Legacy

Initially known as the American Professional Football Association, the NFL emerged as the dominant professional league amidst competition's demise. Trademarks like the draft, 16-game regular season structure and annual Super Bowl broadcast established football as a national pasttime. Talents like Jim Brown, Joe Montana and Tom Brady transcended generations with dominant play cementing legacies.

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Authentic on Field Style

Official NFL shop jerseys precisely match what athletes wear during televised action down to logos, fabric blends and tailored fits. “NFL jerseys custom” options enable personally styling jerseys with favorite numbers and names either presently active or retired greats. Customization enhances each top's rare collectability sure to appreciate as specific eras are remembered.

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Steep Savings Year-Round

During off-season months, outlets slash prices substantially on ‘NFL jerseys sale’ merchandise to keep moving stock. Recent Super Bowl participants or popular breakout players from prior campaigns regularly dip below $100 where new versions retail for triple. Clearance sections even uncover rare autographed memorabilia at half original prices. Such deals let proudly rooting for top franchises like the Packers, Patriots or 49ers align perfectly with budgets.

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Classic and Iconic Prints

Authentic NFL lines offer throwback cotton jerseys celebrating championship eras gone by. Vintage Raiders sets from the 80s, classic Cowboys designs or 49ers' red and gold capture the aesthetic fans fondly recall. Collegiate lines pay homage to star athletes' college origins before emerging as pros. Replicas genuinely capture the look of uniforms worn during monumental moments in league history.

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Customization service on ‘cheap NFL jerseys’ available year-round provides options expressing individual fanaticism for favorite players whether roster mainstays or recently drafted prospects just starting their careers. Savings translate fandom into affordable wardrobe staples comfortably cheering on through any gameday scenario in authentic NFL style.

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NFL Jerseys: More Than Just Clothing, They Represent Team Spirit and Identity

Put on an NFL jersey and you'll be filled with the pride of belonging to a team. If you're looking for NFL jerseys sale, you've come to the right place! Our selection of NFL jerseys is meticulously designed with the history and culture of the team in mind, and made from high-quality materials and craftsmanship that keep you dry and comfortable while you're on the field.

This particular NFL jersey is inspired by the team's colors and logo, showcasing the unique style of the city they represent. It can be styled with jeans or shorts to create a cool and fashionable look, making you the center of attention on the field and in everyday life.

As a symbol of fashion and culture, NFL jerseys not only satisfy football fans' passions but also serve as a way to express oneself. Whether you're an NFL fan or a fashion enthusiast, this NFL jersey is an essential piece that you don't want to miss out on. At prices that can't be beaten, our collection of NFL jerseys cheap online is sure to have the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Jerseys come in various styles and designs, each representing a different team and city. They capture the essence of the NFL and reflect the passion and enthusiasm that football fans have for their teams. NFL jerseys are more than just clothing items; they are Statement pieces that can be worn proudly by anyone who identifies with the team or simply enjoys the fashion aspect of it.

The NFL jersey design process is a laborious task, involving hours of research and collaboration between designers, manufacturers, and team representatives. The goal is to create a jersey that not only looks and feels great but also embodies the unique identity and spirit of each team.

From the traditional solid-color jerseys to the more modern and creative designs, NFL jerseys have always been at the forefront of fashion. They are popular among fans and fashionistas alike, who flock to stores and online platforms to get their hands on the latest releases.

In conclusion, NFL jerseys are not just about looking good or covering up your favorite team's logo; they are representations of team spirit, pride, and identity. Whether you're a football fan or a fashion enthusiast, an NFL jersey is a must-have piece that can be worn with pride and passion. So don't delay, put on this NFL jersey, feel the passion of the team and showcase your personality and taste!

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Big Picks, Bright Lights: Get Ready for the 2022 NFL Draft Sale!

We are so proud of our presence and work in making the NFL Draft a success! We’re also very thankful to partner with Nike each year. Preparation begins weeks in advance at our STAHLS’ Decorating Fulfillment Center. At DFC, we create the nameplates and numbers to match every NFL jersey font and color. It takes a full team effort to complete all of the prep work to be successful on the big day! ..........Read full article

NFL Jerseys Outlet - Buccaneers to bring back classic 'creamsicle' uniforms beginning in 2023

Along with the "creamsicle" jerseys making a return, the fan-favorite throwback games will be back in 2023. In addition to the team wearing the throwback uniforms, the team would deck out Raymond James Stadium in orange for those occasions. Those throwback games began in 2009 and ran through the 2012 season before the one-helmet rule came to be in 2013. ..........Read full article

NFL Jerseys Outlet Store Online FAQs - Know what about the National Football League Foundation

What is the National Football League Foundation?

The National Football League Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those touched by the game of football – from players at all levels to communities across the country.

The NFL Foundation and its members, the 32 NFL clubs, support the health, safety and wellness of athletes, youth football, and the communities that support our game.

What types of grants are available from the NFL Foundation?

The NFL Foundation offers grants which support safety and participation in youth, flag and high school football and all sports, community programs, social justice initiatives and support of NFL players philanthropic foundations. In addition, the NFL Foundation may choose to support programs and activities that meet its mission through special consideration grants. Funding proposals are not accepted in these cases. The NFL does not accept grant requests or proposals outside of qualified grant programs.

Are there other nonprofit organizations at the NFL that I can go to for grants?

The NFL Foundation is the sole philanthropic organization of the National Football League. Many of the NFL’s 32 clubs have foundations which may or may not provide grant opportunities.

For those who are interested in youth football grant opportunities but do not qualify for a grant from the NFL Foundation, we suggest you check USA Football. For those interested in community grant opportunities and youth football initiatives in your area, please check your local NFL team’s website.

For former NFL players who are interested in funding for medical or other personal costs, please visit the NFL Player Care Foundation website for more information. 

What grant programs does the NFL Foundation offer?

The NFL Foundation manages more than 45 grant and recognition programs. To find out more visit our grants page here.

What are the deadlines for applying to the grants?

The application deadlines for NFL Foundation grants differ for each grant program. Please carefully read the application for the grant you are interested in applying to find the deadline.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a grant?

Depending on the type of grant, there are different rules for who can apply. Each grant application provides information about the requirements for applicants.

My youth or high school football team needs money to buy new equipment, how do I apply to the NFL Foundation?

The NFL Foundation does not accept funding solicitations from organizations that do not qualify for one of the grant programs.

If your team or organization does not qualify for a grant from the NFL Foundation, we suggest you check USA Football, the official youth football development partner of the NFL.  The NFL Foundation supports USA Football and its efforts in providing nonprofit youth football organizations and school districts with financial help, providing more than $1.5 million annually in equipment grants, field-building grants, and volunteer background check subsidies – all of which can help youth football leagues and school districts supplement their budgets.

For those interested in community grant opportunities, please check your local NFL team’s website.

My son/daughter wants to sign up for a youth football camp. Where can I sign him/her up?

The camps that are supported through the NFL Foundation are run by former or current NFL players, and not through our organization. Therefore, we don’t oversee camp timing, location or registration.

Many players who choose to run camps and seek funding through the NFL Foundation will promote their camps in local media outlets such as community papers, so this may be the best way to find out if any are in your area.

Finally, please contact your local parks and recreation department to find out if there are football camps in your area.

My youth or high school football team is trying to raise money for new equipment/uniforms/etc. Will the NFL Foundation donate NFL game tickets or merchandise for us to auction off?

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming volume of requests, the NFL Foundation is unable to donate game tickets, items or funding for auctions, school events and other charitable functions. If you have not done so already, you may wish to contact the local NFL team(s) in your area for this type of donation.

I am a youth football or high school football coach, what grants do I qualify for?

In addition to NFL club and player youth football grant initiatives, the NFL Foundation provides the below grants to support youth and high school football programs. Please read the eligibility requirements for each grant

  • NFL Grassroots Field Grant Program
  • USA Football Equipment Grant Program
I am a coach for a youth football/high school football team and we need new equipment, what grants can I apply for?

USA Football offers equipment grants to support youth leagues and elementary, middle and high school programs from across the country. The grants, totaling more than $1 million annually are awarded based on merit and need. 

501(c)(3) non-profit youth football organizations and school-sponsored football programs may apply to USA Football for the following equipment grant offerings:

  • Youth Football Equipment Grant (retail value approx. $1,000)
  • High School Equipment Grant (retail value approx. $1,500)
I know a youth football team that needs a new field, what grants can I apply for?

Through its NFL Grassroots Field Grant Program, the NFL Foundation provides non-profit, neighborhood-based organizations with financial and technical assistance to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of local football fields. The grant program is offered through a partnership with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), which provides technical assistance and manages the initiative.

The grant program provides matching grants of up to $200,000 for capital improvement projects. In order to be eligible for an NFL Grassroots grant, projects must be sponsored by community-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations or middle or high schools. Additionally, the organizations applying for matching funds must be located specifically and exclusively within NFL Target Markets, currently listed in the 2020 NFL Foundation Grassroots RFP and serve low to moderate income areas within those markets.

Strong preference is given to those proposals that:

1.      Seek to upgrade existing facilities that are in poor condition or otherwise underutilized

2.      Demonstrate active use of the fields

3.      Attract matching funding that exceeds the minimum required match of 1:1

4.      Involve local partnerships with non-profit community partners  to promote youth and community programming on the fields

5.      Provide for continuing maintenance and field safety

As noted above, applicants may request a maximum of $200,000 from the NFL Grassroots Program to be used for capital improvements. Please review the full application and the below answer for additional details and stipulations for this grant program.

How do I know if I qualify for a Grassroots Field Grant?

In order to be eligible for the NFL Grassroots Program, organizations applying for grant funds must meet all of the criteria listed below:

  • Be a community-based organization, middle school or high school serving a neighborhood consisting primarily of low to moderate-income families and individuals (schools must demonstrate the ability of the community to also utilize the field);
  • Have at least one-full time staff person (all-volunteer organizations will not be considered);
  • Be in existence for at least three years;
  • Have a proven track record in real estate development and/or parks programming;
  • Have 501(c)(3) tax exempt status/school status; and
  • Be located in an NFL Target Market
My town or youth football league needs a new field, but we don’t qualify for a Grassroots Grant, what should we do?

Due to the challenges that exist for creating new fields or refurbishing old fields, the NFL Foundation must have strict guidelines for eligibility. If your organization is located in a qualified area but doesn’t necessarily meet all of the additional requirements needed to be eligible for a grant, we recommend contacting local, non-profit organizations in your area that may want to partner with you for the project.

I work for a community organization, are there any grants that I can apply for? Does the National Football League Foundation accept requests for event donations, individual grants and auction items?

Unfortunately, the NFL Foundation’s guidelines and resources do not allow us to consider personal appeal or any local/regional requests for support. We are a nonprofit organization that is mandated to make grants only at a national level through a series of restricted programs and national partners in order to achieve our maximum level of impact. Through our player matching social justice grant, your organization MAY be eligible to receive match funding if a current or former player has donated time, money or resources and your mission and focus are in the areas of social justice.

I am an NFL player, who can apply for a grant on my behalf?

Current and former NFL players may have third party representatives apply for NFL Foundation grants on their behalf. NFL club personnel, foundation directors, NFL player agents/management companies and/or school personnel may apply for grant opportunities using GAMS with approval from the eligible NFL player.

How do I apply for a grant from the NFL Foundation?

The NFL Foundation grant process is managed through the online Grant Application Management System (GAMS). To register for an account with the NFL Foundation, please Register here.

Fill in the information requested to create an account. Once you are signed in, there are two links that are available for you to access – ‘Dashboard’ and ‘View grants I am eligible for’.


The Dashboard is where you can view all applications in your account. Applicants will be able to edit the application, digitally sign the grant agreement, submit the grant report, message NFL Admin, and more from this page.

Please note that the NFL Foundation uses GAMS to send messages about applications. Every time a message is posted to your application by the NFL Foundation administrator an email will be sent to you and the message will appear on your dashboard. Therefore, it is very important that the email address you use for your account is checked regularly to ensure you can respond to any questions or updates about your application.

Please contact an NFL Foundation Administrator if an email address update is needed.

View grants I am eligible for

By selecting on this link, you will be able to view which grant programs you are eligible. Click on Find Out More & Apply to view more information about the program, eligibility and importation dates. To apply, click on the Apply link to open the application in your Dashboard.

Please be sure to read the eligibility requirements for the grant you are interested in. 

What is the deadline for my application?

The deadline depends on the grant you are applying for. Please check the application and your Dashboard to find out the deadline. Please note that all materials must be submitted via the GAMS system and the status must say “Submitted” by the deadline in order to be considered for the grant.

What is the difference between “Applicant” and “Primary Contact”?

The applicant is the individual who is responsible for making a grant possible. In many cases, this is an NFL player or coach who is qualified for a grant and has selected an organization to receive funding from the NFL Foundation.

The primary contact is the person who will receive all communication about the grant application from the NFL Foundation. This individual will also be responsible for answering any questions the Foundation might have about the application and must ensure that the application is submitted before the deadline, the grant agreement is signed by the correct people, and the final evaluation is completed. It is very important that the email address provided for the primary contact is valid and will be checked regularly.

What can I spend Grant funds on once awarded?

Please refer to your specific Grant Agreement Terms and Conditions for detailed directions on how Grant funds may be used.

Grant funds must be used in direct correlation with the proposed plan presented to the NFL Foundation for the Program. Any significant changes in the purposes for which Grant funds are spent must be approved in writing by the NFL Foundation before implementation.

How will I know when I have been awarded a Grant?

A message will be posted in GAMS stating the award amount and next steps in the application process. An email notification will also be sent to the primary contact email address.

Please note: Applicants MUST electronically sign the Grant Agreement Terms and Conditions before the NFL Foundation can process the Grant award




The applicant has started, but not successfully submitted their application. Until an applicant fills in all required fields and uploads all required documents the application will remain in the incomplete status. While an application is in this status the applicant may edit it.


The applicant has successfully submitted their application and it is ready for review by NFL Foundation staff. While the application is in this state the user may not edit it, but they can view a read-only version of it.

Under Review The application is currently under further review by the NFL Foundation. Additional information may be required in order to approve your grant. 


The only way an application can get to this status is if an application isn’t completed by the due date. After 60 days in this status the application will move from current applications to archive.


Any application that was successfully submitted, but denied by the NFL Foundation on merits.


An application that has been approved by the NFL Foundation, but has not entered into grant agreement phase yet.

Grant Agreement Generated

The agreement has been generated by the NFL, but has not been signed by the user.

Grant Agreement Signed

The applicant has signed the agreement.

Processing The grant paperwork has been submitted to accounts payable for processing.

Payment Processed

The grant check has been processed and sent to the applicant.

Grant Report Outstanding

The final evaluation is available for the user to complete.

Grant Report Incomplete The final evaluation is available for the user to complete.
Grant Report Submitted

The applicant has submitted the grant report for review by the NFL Foundation.


The final evaluation has been approved by the NFL Foundation.


How do I check the status of my grant application?

The status of your grant application is noted on your application dashboard. The table below explains the meaning of the application statuses:

If you have any questions regarding the status of your application, please post a message to the NFL Foundation team through the “Contact Us” system and we will get back to you promptly.

How do I find out the status of my application?

You can find the status of your application on your dashboard after you sign in on GAMS. Please refer to the chart under the FAQ “How do I check the status of my grant application?” to read about each “Status” category and what it means about your application.

I cannot see the Grant I am trying to apply for?

Each NFL Foundation Grant program has its own submission cycle. Please refer to the specific application for further details on deadlines.

If you do not see the application appear under the 'Apply' tab then it is likely the application is not yet available for submissions or the deadline has passed for the year.

When will the Grant check arrive?

Grant checks may take up to 30 business days for the NFL Accounts Payable department to process Grant award checks.

The primary contact listed in the application will receive the Grant check via FedEx or USPS delivery. Please ensure that the address provided in the application is correct and is not a PO Box. The Foundation will not send checks to PO Boxes.

Can I fax documents?

Due to the high volume of applications we receive for this program, the NFL Foundation can no longer accept faxed documents. All required documents must be submitted online through GAMS If you have trouble uploading the documents, please send a message to the NFL Foundation through the messaging system and describe the issue. The NFL Foundation administrator will contact you to provide assistance.

I can’t remember my password for the website. How do I access my application?

The GAMS password recovery form is available on the “Sign In” page by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link. Remember: Your GAMS username and password are both case sensitive.

What is a GAMS ID #?

This is the 5-digit application number assigned by the Grant Application Management System to your specific grant application. This number should be used on all correspondence relating to your application.

What type of software do I need in order to use the GAMS system?

You simply need access to the Internet to use the GAMS system. The system works across the latest versions of internet software, such as: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. If you have trouble accessing the site, consider updating your software (which is often free of charge) and trying again.

What is the most compatible Internet browser?

The most compatible browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer 8,9,10
  • Firefox version 17
  • Chrome version 23
  • Safari 6 for Mac - OS: OSX Lion
The GAMS system is showing that my application is incomplete. Why?

Typically, the application is incomplete because you have not completed all of the required fields in the application. If you are not sure which sections are missing information, please open your application and click on the “Save and Check for Errors” button at the bottom of the application page. This will cause the titles of any required fields to appear in red font. If you have filled out a field but it still appears in red, you may have filled it out incorrectly.

Common issues that cause errors include:

  • A PO Box has been entered in the address section. The NFL Foundation requires that all applications include only physical addresses.
  • Commas were used in between numbers in the financial portion of the application. Please remove any commas and try again.
  • The numbers in the demographics table do not add up to 100%. Please check the numbers and try again.
Can I print the application?

You can use the print functionality on your Internet browser to print an application.

What file formats are accepted as uploads in GAMS?

The GAMS system will accept most file formats up to 15 MB, including but not limited to the entire Microsoft suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) pdf, jpeg and tif documents.

We cannot accept:

  • Video files such as .mov, .avi. mp4
  • Audio Files such as .mp3. mp4, .ipa
  • Executable files such as .exe, .msi, .iso
  • Photoshop files such as .psd, .mpp, .eps
  • Database file such as Microsoft access .mdb
  • Flash Animation .flv
  • Compressed or Zip files .zip, .tar
  • Raw data files such as .xml, .xsl, .txt, .sql
I am having trouble uploading documents, what can I do?

Try the following steps if you are having trouble uploading:

  • Reduce the file size of the item you are attempting to upload. The smaller the file the faster it will upload.
  • If you are uploading a scanned document make sure the scanner is set to 300dpi for a smaller scan.
  • If you are uploading pictures or images, reduce the resolution of the image. Pictures should not exceed 1200x960 resolution. This is the equivalent to a 5x7 picture.
  • If you are uploading a word document that is too large, try converting to a PDF version.
What is a Grant Report?

The Grant Report is completed after a grant has been used and is required by the NFL Foundation. Grant Reports are a way for the NFL Foundation to keep track of how grant funds are used, and to ensure that the grant programs are working. The types of questions that need to be answered in the Grant Report are different for each grant program.

To access the GAMS Grant Report, login to GAMS and find the ‘Submit Grant Report’ link on your application's dashboard. The Grant Report will not be available until after funds have been received.

Remember: Keep copies of all receipts/invoices that indicate how grant money was used. The GAMS system requires that you submit copies of those receipts to the NFL Foundation when completing the Grant Report.

Once you complete the Grant Report, and it has been reviewed and finalized by the NFL Foundation you will become eligible to apply for future NFL Foundation grants. If, for some reason, you do not complete a grant report you and/or your organization will not be able to apply for future grants from the NFL Foundation.

How do I access past grant reports prior to 2019?

Log onto GAMS and view your dashboard. At the top of the page, there will be a link to all grant reports prior to 2019. If you have any issues finding the link, please contact an NFL Foundation administrator.

I received a grant from the NFL Foundation, how do I complete the Grant Report?

Log onto GAMS and find the “Submit Grant Report” link on your dashboard. You will need to respond to the questions about how the grant was used, and typically will need to upload receipts and financial statements.

What paperwork do I need to show or provide for a Grant Report?

The requirements for the Grant Report are different based on the type of grant. While some require receipts, others require that you provide an annual financial statement. No matter what it is important to keep all receipts, invoices, copies of payment, etc. for any programs that received funding through an NFL Foundation grant.

As mentioned, many Grant Reports require that you submit proof of payment and receipts for items or services paid for by the grant. For example, if you are using some of the grant funding to buy new football jerseys, you will need to submit the invoice for the jerseys as part of the evaluation.

We review all receipts to ensure that the grant funds have been used in the way that the application says they will be. In addition, the information in the Grant Report must match the information on the receipts.

For example: If food for a youth football camp was bought from two different stores, the NFL Foundation needs to see both receipts. If the two receipts add up to $100.00 then in the evaluation the total amount spent on food must also add up to $100.

PLEASE NOTE: The NFL Foundation has independent auditors who may request copies of all invoices, receipts and financial statements so we ask that you hold on to them for at least one year after receiving the grant.

I received an email saying that I have not completed my Grant Report. What do I do?

Every applicant receiving NFL Foundation Grant funds MUST log into the GAMS system and complete the online Grant Report. To access the GAMS Grant Report, log in to GAMS and find the ‘Submit Grant Report’ link on your dashboard.

What is USA Football?

USA Football, the sport’s national governing body, leads the game development, inspires participation and ensures a better and safer experience for all youth, high school and other amateur football players.

An independent non-profit, USA Football was founded in 2002 by the National Football League and the NFL Players Association. USA Football hosts more than 80 football trainings annually, offering education for coaches and game officials, skill development for players and resources for youth football league administrators.

USA Football manages U.S. national teams within the sport for international competitions and provides more than $1 million annually in equipment grants and youth league volunteer background check subsidies. Carl Peterson, a successful football scout coach and NFL team executive for more than 40 years, serves as Chairman of USA Football. For more information, log onto www.usafootball.com

How do I make a donation to the NFL Foundation?

Thank you for your generosity and for thinking of our organization. Please use the “Contact Us” form on our website to send us a message. An NFL Foundation administrator will contact you about how to donate to the organization.

I still have questions, who can I contact to get answers?

Please use the “Contact Us” system to submit your comments/questions to the NFL Foundation. We will respond to you as soon as possible.


A 501(c)(3) is an Internal Revenue Code section that describes charitable and/or educational organizations which are tax exempt, non-profit corporations or associations.

Note that "tax exempt" does not excuse an organization from maintaining proper records and filing any required annual or special-purpose tax returns. Previously, annual returns were not generally required from an exempt organization accruing less than $25,000 in gross income yearly. However, from 2008 onwards, many such organizations must file a yearly "e-Postcard" known as Form 990-N, or risk losing their exemption.

501(c)(3) verification of tax-exempt status

The NFL Foundation requires grant applicants to upload a copy of their organization’s 501(c)(3) determination letter in order to confirm that the organization has met the Internal Revenue Service’s tax-exempt requirements set forth in the Internal Revenue Code’s section 501(c)(3).


A W-9 is an IRS form used by an organization, such as the NFL Foundation, to request your name and Social Security Number/Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). A completed W-9 must be submitted with a grant application in order to verify your organization’s TIN. You can download a blank W9 form here.

Financial Statement

An accounting statement detailing financial data, including income from all sources, expenses, assets and liabilities.  An audited financial statement provides verification of the financial statements of a legal entity by an independent third party in order to increase the value and credibility of the financial information produced by management.

IRS Form 990

IRS form filed by public charities that serves as an annual information return.  It is useful for understanding some aspects of an organization’s mission, programs and finances.

IRS Form 990-PF

Similar to the IRS Form 990 except it is filed by private foundations.

Grant Agreement

Contains the terms and conditions that the approved grant recipient organization must adhere to in order to carry out the objectives of the grant award and meet all funding requirements set forth by the NFL Foundation.

What is Coach Smart?

Coach Smart is an online player health and safety coaching education course based on elements of USA Football's online football coaching certification course. There are two chapters. Each chapter includes an instructional video followed by a quiz. The entire course takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.

Coach Smart is free and will be available to approved NFL Foundation Youth Football Camp Grant applicants.

Is Coach Smart a required course?

Yes. All coaches for camps approved to receive funding from the NFL Foundation through the NFL Foundation Youth Football Camp Grant program are REQUIRED to take and pass the course.

IMPORTANT: The NFL Foundation will not mail grant checks until coaches have completed/passed Coach Smart.

Who is required to take it?

All individuals who will act as coaches or clinicians at a camp are required to take the course. Other volunteers and staff for the camps are welcomed and encouraged to take the course as well.

How do I log in to take Coach Smart?

Follow these steps to log in and take Coach Smart:

1.      Go to nflfoundation.org/coachsmart

2.      Register for Coach Smart (note: even if you have a username and password for NFL Foundation you will need to register separately for Coach Smart)

3.      You will need to provide your GAMS ID (this is the ID number for your approved application. Applicants should provide this ID number to all coaches so they can take the course).

4.      Follow the instructions within Coach Smart to begin the course.

I have an account on NFL Foundation's website, can I use this to log in to Coach Smart?

No. You will need to register separately for Coach Smart.

Do all coaches need to register separately for Coach Smart?

Yes. Each coach will need to register separately to take the course. The NFL Foundation needs to be able to see the score for each coach.

How will I know if I passed?

There is a minimum score for each chapter. If a coach does not pass Chapter 1, then he/she cannot take Chapter 2 until Chapter 1 has been passed. Coach Smart will not be complete until both Chapters 1 and 2 have been passed. If the course has been passed, you will see a "Complete" status in your dashboard.

What happens if a coach for my camp doesn't take Coach Smart or fails it?

If a coach does not take Coach Smart or fails the course and does not retake it, then he or she should not be allowed to coach at the camp. IMPORTANT: The NFL Foundation will not mail grant checks until coaches have completed/passed Coach Smart.

What do I do if I am stuck on a portion of a course?

This problem can usually be resolved in one of the following three ways:

  • If you are using an internet browser other than Mozilla Firefox, we recommend downloading it as it works best with our online resources. You can download Firefox for free here: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/
  • If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, please go to http://supportdetails.com , look under Web Browser and see which version you are using. If it is 6.0, you will need to upgrade to 8.0 or above.
  • Some organization firewalls have security settings that prevent some portions of the exam from functioning properly. If upgrading or changing your browser does not work, you may want to try taking the exam from a different location.
I have questions, how can I get in touch with the NFL Foundation?

If you are an applicant, please log in to your account on www.nflfoundation.org and send a message via your application dashboard.

If you are a coach and do not have an NFL Foundation account then please send a message to us via the "Contact Us" section of our site: https://www.nflfoundation.org/help/help

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