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NFL Jerseys Sale - Will the Patriots bring back their Pat Patriot throwback helmet for 2022?

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The recent announcement that the Buccaneers will bring back their creamsicle uniforms in 2023, now that the NFL has abandoned its one-helmet rule, has sparked plenty of speculation as to whether other popular looks from football seasons past will be returning in the future.

One of the most popular alternate looks comes from the Patriots, white helmets with the logo of Pat Patriot in full minuteman regalia preparing to snap a football. Will it be back in 2022?

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Mike Reiss of ESPN.com notes that the Patriots have made no official announcements for the coming season as to the throwback while helmet, but that it remains a real possibility.

Teams that planned to embrace the ability to use a different helmet had to et the league know by the end of July 2021. The NFL previously declined to disclose the teams that had decided to take advantage of the ability to use a second helmet as soon as 2022, deferring to any teams that would be enhancing their look with a second helmet.

It feels inevitable. In December, the team’s Hall of Fame said that the red jerseys would return next season. The red jerseys would look strange without the white helmet. However, the official announcement as to the full-blown Pat Patriot look has yet to be made.

The Patriots last used the white helmet in 2012, the year before the league decided to limit players to one helmet per year, an outgrowth of the unprecedented sensitivity to head injuries.